No matter the crisis, Mercury Continuity keeps your business connected with true communications redundancy

  • Path and platform, terrestrial and non-terrestrial, diverse high-bandwidth network connectivity
  • On-site fixed infrastructure and failover hardware
  • 24/7 virtual monitoring and customer management

Mercury Continuity’s mission is to provide corporate and government institutions with scalable and reliable communications solutions that ensure network connectivity and therefore business continuity throughout a catastrophe or other IT disruption. Mercury Continuity (MC) offers innovative solutions which raise the standard for network and communications resilience.

MC’s proprietary, multi-platform solution provides public safety and government organizations as well as private businesses with uninterrupted connectivity when terrestrial based primary and secondary networks fail. Our approach was purposefully designed to avoid the inherent problems of conventional business continuity/disaster recovery (BCDR) planning that were evidenced in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, while providing significant value for the more frequent non-catastrophe communications outages.

We call our proprietary solution MC’s Communications Insurance™, the first and only of its kind. Unlike conventional business continuity / disaster recovery (BCDR) measures, MC’s Communications Insurance™ solution incorporates physical and platform diverse secondary communications infrastructure and real-time 24/7 monitoring to achieve true operational continuity and network resiliency.

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