Mercury Continuity ensures connectivity of mission critical communications for public and private organizations.

By leveraging multiple broadband technologies including satellite, microwave, fiber optic and high bandwidth wireless platforms, our model ensures clients maintain network connectivity during any catastrophe or IT disruption.

The Communications Resiliency Problem

U.S. businesses lose billions of dollars each year from preventable network downtime. Organizations requiring high levels of network resiliency – such as financial firms, defense, government and public safety agencies, utilities and other critical infrastructure – expose themselves to significant risk of IT disruption by relying on exclusively land-based communications.

The Mercury Continuity Solution

We work with dozens of technology partners to supply cost-effective, terrestrial and non-terrestrial, fully redundant path- and platform-diverse network connectivity that ensures ongoing communications for private and public sector clients. Mercury Continuity (MC) provides complete resiliency — a full-service communications solution, reducing cost, risk and complication while maximizing protection.

How Mercury Continuity Works

Mercury Continuity monitors 24/7 for potential network disruptions allowing, preemptively when possible, for the immediate rerouting of your voice and data communications over multiple high-bandwidth redundant paths, including microwave, satellite, fixed wireless, free space optics, and path-diverse fiber. This ensures business continuity and provides executives the mission critical information they need in the event of a disruption.